Sing to the tune of My Country ‘Tis of Thee.

French version:

In-vo-quons tous le nom

De notre cher patron,

Saint Jean-Baptiste.

Qu’il daigne protéger

Ses fils et leur foyer

Et qu’au sein du danger

Il nous assiste.

Ré-u-nis dans ces lieux,

Nous t’adressons nos voeux,

Saint Jean-Baptiste.

Daigne de nos discours

Har-mo-ni-ser le cours,

Et equ la paix toujours

Ici subsiste.


English translation:

Let’s all know the name

of our dear leader,

Saint John the Baptist.

Let him protect

His sons and their home

And that when in danger

He will help us.

Gathered in these places,

We send you our wishes,

Saint John the Baptist.

From our speeches

Harmonize the way,

And there will always

be peace.