Buccaneer Banquet – Back to Basics
Friday, March 22 & Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 7 p.m.
-Pirate Dinner Theater-

Come join us as we set sail on another hardy voyage with our Buccaneers! That’s right, me hearties! Enjoy a feast fit for the Pirate King and Captain Andy, as you watch our bold, daring, and somewhat confused, pirates satisfy their itch for pillagin‘and plunderin. Dress up and be a pirate for an evening!

Film by Colby Michaud – 




The Center will once again present one of Maine’s most unique events with The Buccaneer Banquet.  Experience the shenanigans of Captain Broadside, Razor Jenny, Iron Bottom, Low-Tide Jones, One-Eye Ruby, Pinch, Steve and many others for an evening of pageantry, frivolity great merriment and a few harrowing moments.  Galley chef, John Pulsifer, and his wenches in service are prepared to serve a robust, multi-course meal to satisfy any landlubber’s appetite.  Beverages will be served and available at the king’s cash rum bar throughout the evening.

Passengers who arrive in pirate-era fashion (optional, but strongly encouraged) may participate in a contest to be judged by members of the pirate band themselves and perhaps receive discounts of a few gold pieces on their ale. The event provides unique, discretionary family entertainment.


** Because the Dolard & Priscilla Gendron Franco Center cares about All of our Franco Americans! Here is a YouTube film (link) made this year (2016) about a form of genetic heart disease, called Familial hyperchoesterolemia, or FH that affects Franco Americans.

Here is a brief description.
“Your heart disease is not your fault. You can blame Louis the thirteenth!” That is how cardiologist Dr. Dervilla McCann began her talk at the Franco Center this Oct 2016. She described the genetic reason that Franco Americans have a higher rate of heart attacks than other groups. It appears to be a genetic link to the founders of Quebec, transmitted when their descendants traveled to the United States during the industrial revolution. This 10 minute film, made here in Lewiston and using  Franco Center volunteers, describes the underlying medical reason for the very high cholesterol levels found in our community, and what can be done to protect your family from early heart disease.”

To learn more there is a free registry at CMMC that is designed to identify patients with this trait, get them the advice they need, and to even help them obtain the latest therapies for the problem. Dr. McCann would really like people to get in contact with the cardiology division for any questions about what you should be doing about this. The contact there is a nurse, Kim Howlett-Phillips, who is keeping a registry of patients in our region.

Thank You Dr. Devilla McCann, MD, MPH


Rustic Overtones w/ string quartet – November 23, 2013 (Time: 4:34)

Midcoast Symphony Orchestra – October 20, 2012 (Time: 1:46)

Lazy Lightning (Grateful Dead tribute) – 2nd Set – April 19, 2013 (Time: 1:15:17)

New York Funk Exchange, Bill Withers’ “Kissing My Love” April 14, 2012 (Time: 4:25)