Your support makes our efforts possible. Thank you.

This page is for individual and business level gifts to the Franco Center.
Listed are examples of the multiple levels of ‘Giving’.
Each level comes with it our sincere gratitude and thank you – no matter the level.

Each level comes with specific rewards, thank-you gifts and recognition in various ways. Also, as you can imagine, the higher the giving level the more ‘perks’, thank-you gifts etc.

Anyone can make a straight donation at any level at anytime, however, we recommend coming in to speak with our Sponsorship/Fundraising representative so that we may discus the various ways we would want to thank you for your donation.


You can designate your gift using one of the choices below or mail a gift to 46 Cedar Street, Lewiston ME or make a payment over the phone by calling (207)783-1585. Even better? Please come in to make your donation!


For major gifts ($10,000 or more) please contact Franco Center fundraising leadership.

Pillars of Support $5,000

Legacy Makers $2,500

Circle of Pride $1,000

Community Leaders $500

Supporters of the Arts $250

Patrons of the Heritage $100

Friends of the Franco Center $15 (and Other amount)