Hello investigators!

Welcome to the Franco Center! Overnight we had a ghost mess with us! The ghost left us some locked boxes and locked our exit door. If you want to escape from the Franco Center, you will need to put on your thinking cap and crack the codes that open multiple boxes. Hopefully you will be able to open the door before your time runs out. Can you escape? You have one hour to try to escape before it’s too late!

$10 per person. Cash or card at the door. Monday through Friday by appointment only. Reservations are required.

Reserve your group’s ESCAPE ROOM adventure at this link: https://bookeo.com/franco

You have the escape room for one hour. A guide will be available to help you along by providing clues if you ask.

Email Jake at production@francocenter.org or call and leave a message 207-514-7753 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Credit: Jake Hodgkin, creator.