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Book Cover ISBN Title Author Publisher Year Price
NO IMAGE N/A Flower Petals and Sea Shells Adrienne Pelletier LePage Adrien Pelletier LePage 2000  $16.00
NO IMAGE N/A Canuck, original Camille Lessard Le Messager 1936  $25.00
0974277312 The Photo Scribe Denis Ledoux Soleil Press 2008  $19.95
0974277347 Turning Memories into Memoirs Denis Ledoux Soleil Press 2006  $24.95
NO IMAGE N/A C’est d’même qu’ont parle par che’ nous Don Levesque St. John Valley Times 2007  $10.00
9780738572802 Franco-Americans of Maine Dyke Hendrickson Arcadia Publishing 2010  $21.99
0884482545 Little Pine to King Spruce Fran Pelletier Tillbury House Publishers 2003  $15.00
0891011080 Papa Martel Gérard Robichaud University of Maine Press 2003  $15.50
0759618526 Eustache Lambert Donné Extraordinaire Henri Gosselin 1st Books Library 2001  $10.00
NO IMAGE 1595260358 Evangeline – Coloring Book Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Llumina Press 2005  $  5.00
1595262636 Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Hidden Springs 2004  $30.00
NO IMAGE 9780971721456 Pépere’s Fiddle Krista M. Watson Sunnyside Press 2007  $  6.00
NO IMAGE 9781450794626 A MInistry of Healing Marguerite Stapleton N/A 2011  $18.90
087483481 Of Kings and Fools Michael Parent and Julien Olivier August House 1996  $14.95
NO IMAGE N/A Voici the Valley CD N/A N/A 2009  $15.00
NO IMAGE N/A History of the Acadians CD N/A Crown of Maine Productions Inc. N/A  $25.00
NO IMAGE N/A Acadian Festival CD N/A Crown of Maine Productions Inc. N/A  $ 15.00
NO IMAGE N/A Expulsion: The Story of Acadia CD N/A Morningstar Entertainmnet Inc. N/A  $19.50
9781605944807 The Man with the Easel of Horn Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2010  $23.95
9781595267986 Trails Within Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2007  $23.95
1595261427 Marginal Enemies Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2004  $11.95
1595266208 Before All Dignity is Lost Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2006  $  9.95
1595261192 Deux Femmes, Deux Rêves Normand Beaupré Llumina press 2005  $17.95
1595265554 La Souillonne Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2006  $12.95
NO IMAGE 9781595266934 La Souillonne, Deusse Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2008  $14.95
2894312687 Lumineau Normand Beaupré Les Editions JCL 2002  $14.95
9781605941530 The Boy With the Blue Cap Normand Beaupré Llumina Press 2008  $18.95
1605942898 Voix Francophones de Chez Nous Normand Beaupré and others Llumina Press 2009  $13.95
0966853628 Canuck and Other Stories Rhea Côté Robbins Rheta Press 2006  $20.00
0966853601 Wednesday’s Child Rhea Côté Robbins Rheta Press 1997  $12.50
9781426945076 Evangeline(Hardcover) Richard Mullins Trafford Publishing 2010  $28.70
9781426945069 Evangeline Richard Mullins Trafford Publishing 2010  $18.85
9782923150529 On n’avait pas juste de la misere dans la Beauce Robert, Rémi, Théodore and Bertrand Bolduc Editions du Mécene 2007  $26.25


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