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Designate your gift using one of the choices below or contact The Franco Center to mail in a gift to 46 Cedar Street, Lewiston ME or make a payment over the phone by calling (207)783-1585.

Remembering the Franco Center

There are many ways to give to the Franco Center. Most provide significant benefits to the donor in addition to the philanthropic reward. Below are listed brief descriptions of various planned and deferred giving methods. You may wish to seek the counsel of your lawyer or tax advisor in the matter of gifts and estate planning. Meanwhile, we are ready to assist you should you need our help.

Gifts of Cash The simplest way to make a gift is cash. It entitles you to a current charitable income tax deduction for the amount given of up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

Gifts of Life Insurance A Life Insurance policy which is no longer needed for family protection can be assigned to the Franco Center as owner or you could buy a new policy with the Franco Center as the permanent beneficiary on which premiums are deductible.

Gifts of Real Estate or Residence Use of the full current market value of a personal residence or farm can enable the donor to realize impressive tax benefits. The donor can arrange to make this gift and retain use of the property until death or death of beneficiary. This will reduce the taxable estate while providing current tax savings. The charitable deduction will equal market value less the value or the retained rights of use. Donations of other types of land or property are also welcome gifts.

Gifts of Bequest A good way to remember the Franco Center is to include a gift in your will. A bequest of any size is welcome and ensures continuing growth. The bequest will reduce the size of the taxable portion of the estate and the size of the federal tax liability. Bequests should be made to the Franco Center.

Gifts of Personal Property Assets such as stamp and coin collections, gems and jewelry, artwork, rare books, yachts, antique furniture and similar collectibles of value can subject the donor to formidable income taxes if sold during his or her lifetime. If the donor chooses to give the property to the Franco Center in the form of a bequest under terms of his/her will, he/she will avoid income and estate taxes in the transfer of such property.

Gifts of Appreciated Assets Most contributions of long term appreciated securities, including closely held stock in family business, eliminates the payment of capital gains tax on a lifetime sale of the securities. Gifts of appreciated securities also entitle you to a charitable income tax deduction which is usually equal to the fair market value at the time of the gift. We recommend that you consult with your own advisers to determine the specific income tax advantages that are available to you.

The Memorial Terrace, greeting our guests at the front entrance to our building, is a lasting way to honor a special person in your life.

The Memorial Terrace at the Franco Center is a wonderful way to honor our loved ones. It is located on the right of the large front staircase at our Cedar Street entrance. The Memorial Terrace at the Franco Center features stone pavers in 4 different sizes. If you would like to honor someone special in your life or if you would like to buy a memorial gift for a deceased parent, friend, sibling, child or other loved one, please consider one of the following commemorative gifts in their name. Please note that we engrave the pavers once or twice per year (depending on demand) and not with each individual purchase.

Memorial Options

4 inch by 8 inch paver: $200.00
2 lines of engraving, up to 12-13 characters per line, including spaces

8 inch by 8 inch paver: $300.00
5 lines of engraving, up to 12-13 characters per line, including spaces

12 inch by 12 inch paver: $400.00
7 lines of engraving, up to 15-16 characters per line, including spaces

16 inch by 10 inch paver (only four of these left!): $500.00
6 lines of engraving, up to 20-22 characters per line, including spaces

For more information about the pavers, please call.

For more information about planned giving please call (207)783-1585.