The Franco Center’s early board members and staff created an impressive 428-seat Performance Hall in the Upper Hall of the former St. Mary’s Catholic Church with a yearly Performance Series featuring the Maine Music Society, Midcoast Symphony Orchestra, cabaret, comedy, film and theater; art and heritage exhibits; and French language programs. A Heritage Museum with Learning Center activities continue to provide historical displays and tours to residents, students, and tourists. With this unique combination – performance hall, museum and learning center – the Center is safeguarding and celebrating Franco-American and other cultural contributions. Our Center benefits the entire population of Androscoggin County, some 100,000 people, and many more in the state and region. At the same time, the surrounding Lewiston neighborhood, which is in a federal Enterprise Community with a poverty rate of 42 percent, is experiencing a renaissance. A park was added to Little Canada and the streets were recently paved. Now we await the transformation of the Continental Mill into living and retail space.