Tribute to the Land of Our Forefathers

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Maine welcomed thousands of people from Quebec, immigrants to our cities and towns. We pay tribute to this land of our ancestors. The Franco-Americans of Maine still pledge their loyalty to the ancestral values brought to the United States by these pioneers.



This mural, featured in our main stairwell connecting our Performance Hall and Heritage Hall, was done by Joyce Coyne, Rita Perreault, and Annette Bourque. The work depicts the immigration process of Canadians coming to New England, mostly from Quebec and New Brunswick. The train track represents the original train leading from Quebec to Lewiston directly to Lewiston’s train depot, which still stands today. Though many came by train, many others came by horse and buggy, or cars. The bridge that is depicted on the mural is the one used by the New Brunswick immigrants and is still in existence.

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