This dance card, which is more like a booklet, from 1933 was donated to our Franco American Heritage Museum Collection. Dance cards sometimes had a fancy cover or a logo of the hosting organization, such as in this case it is the logo of the Mountain Ladies or Dames Montagnard. That organization held a ball each spring at the end of snowshoe season. The woman who owned this dance card appears to have danced six dances, all with Rosario except for the second one, danced with Donat. Interestingly, Rosario’s name is crossed out on dances 5 and 6. We wonder what happened. It was typical for the dance card to be filled early in the evening. This dance card has a tiny pencil attached to it by a cord that its owner could wear around her wrist. 

Annual Ball of the Montagnard Ladies 

Lewiston-Auburn Maine 

Literary Music Club Room 

18 April 1933 

Order of Dances 

  1. Fox Trot
  2. Fox trot
  3. Waltz
  4. Fox trot
  5. Fox trot
  6. Fox trot
  7. Waltz

Intermission and then more dancing. 


Mrs. George Marcotte, President 


Miss Emma Langelier 

Miss Laura Bourgoin 

Music Room 

Mrs. J. P. Morency 

Mrs. Germaine Martel 

Miss Clara Richard 


Mrs. Jos. Dugal 

Mrs. Robie 

Mrs. Lydia Houle 

Mrs. A. Vincent