LEWISTON–Gendron Franco Center staff and board members have called the Winter Extravaganza fundraiser held Friday, Dec. 17, 2021 a success. Board President Elaine Roop welcomed the audience to the event and then walked over to a family in the audience that included six-month-old Madeline. Speaking from the heart, Elaine asked if they would hold up the baby for the audience to see and then said, “Children are the reason for the joy of the season.”

From the moment the lights were dimmed in Performance Hall, the magical entertainment began with singing, dancing, music, and an immersive light show. The Center’s production manager, Joe Strout, trailblazed an outstanding light show that opens the door to similar light shows at future Center events. One of the musical pieces played at the Extravaganza was the popular and riveting Trans-Siberian Orchestra music which was coordinated with a bold light show that was superbly orchestrated by Joe and crew.

Sierra Harris, a 19-year-old singer from Massachusetts, took to the stage in a Santa-style short dress and black boots. She sang and danced in moves choreographed by Payton Harris. She was at times joined on stage by four young dancers Natalie Seed, Jaycie Carroll, Violet Harris, and Lyla Harris, who added delightful movement that was a mix of dance and tumbling. All songs and musical pieces were holiday related and ranged from classics to pop tunes.

The Gendron Franco Center wants to give a shout out to all our patrons for your continued support, whether it’s a monetary donation, ticket purchase, choosing the Center when you shop on Amazon Smile, or volunteering your time. Donations can be made online at www.francocenter.org/donate. When making online donations you can choose to make a monthly donation with your credit card. Also, we wish to thank our Season Underwriter: Maple Way Dental Care; Show Sponsors: Androscoggin Bank, Champoux Insurance, and Lawnguard LawnCare Inc.; and our Media Sponsors: Sun Journal, Turner Publishing, Uncle Andy’s Digest, and Bennett Radio Group. Your support is an investment in the community and our mission which is to bring cultural programs and high-quality entertainment to the Center. You’ve been investing in the Center since 2000 and we so appreciate you!

Ann’s Flower Shop donated this lovely holiday floral arrangement: thank you Cheryl!

To listen to snippets of songs and music, and to see parts of the light show, visit our YouTube page at: